Franklin County man allegedly shoots son over vehicle

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, MO (KPLR) –A Franklin County father is behind bars charged with armed criminal action and assault for allegedly shooting his son during an argument. Medics flew Nathanial Crow, 39, to Mercy Hospital, reportedly with a bullet lodged in his chest.  Police said his dad, Charles Crow, 67, shot him during an argument about a car.

It happened at the Crow residence on Reiker Ford Road.  Father and son began arguing.

Franklin County Lt. Chuck Subke described how it became quickly heated, saying the  father”...left, he got a tractor and blocked the roadway to keep the son from taking the car and they had been arguing there, so the father came back in, continued to argue.  The argument went into the father`s bedroom.”

Charles Crow reportedly felt threatened.  Crow’s wife, the victim’s mother, reportedly tried to separate dad from son.

Lt. Subke said, “He pushed her away. I think that’s when the father felt it was getting out of hand, grabbed the gun, one to the chest. The son grabbed after the weapon. They scuffled over the gun. A second round went off but it went up into the ceiling.”

The Crow home is at the end of a long, private, gravel road.  It’s in a deep, wooded valley.  Medics couldn’t bring in a chopper to fly him out.  They had to drive him up to another area where they could fly him out.

Deputies report there were no weapons on the victim.  Lt. Subke said dad’s gun was a pistol.  He added, “It was a 410 gauge type of pistol, wasn’t a high caliber type of pistol, but still at close range, it did some pretty good damage.”

Dad apparently spoke openly to detectives.  Lt. Subke said, “The father was very cooperative, wanted to tell his side of the story as to what happened.  He wasn’t trying to hide anything.”

Prosecutors charged Charles Crow with domestic violence, armed criminal action, and first degree assault.

Lt. Subke said two young kids were in the home, but they reportedly did not see the shooting. 

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