Lionel: Gov. Christie and partisan politics

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NEW YORK (WPIX) – In Tuesday’s Lionel, Lionel discusses the

It`s critical that you understand the arguments that have been advanced during Bridgegate. And it`s emblematic of our political conversations in general. Here`s how it works. If you`re a Christie fan or a republican or conservative, you don`t really address the accusations but instead ask why the inordinate media attention from the liberal media, the same bunch that seemed to ignore the IRS scandal, Benghazi, NSA, name it.

Now, if you`re not a Christie fan or are a democrat or liberal or progressive you focus on the fact that Christie’s a bully and that he must have known about members of his administration`s plans as listed in their own incriminating emailsand it`s about time that he be brought down.

Now, notice that the issues or facts have nothing to do with each side or faction`s reaction. Scandal and investigations are irrelevant, it`s the motivation behind the reporting or investigation or disclosure or the personalities of the actors. Politics is personal. It`s the left-right paradigm.

It`s Red Sox and Yankees. Right and left. It`s narrowcasting, not broadcasting. And look, this is nothing new, I know, but it`s dangerous. Partisan politics will destroy us. It contaminates our thinking, occludes our logic and infects our judgment.

Focus on what Christie did, not how it`s reported.


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