People taking advantage of drastic weather turnaround

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- People were calling it the most drastic weather turnaround they'd ever seen.  One week ago, we had below zero temperatures and more than a foot of snow on the ground in a lot of spots around St. Louis. 

This Monday, people were washing cars with the high temperature in the upper 50’s. 

Last week, Fox 2 found visitors from Water Valley, Mississippi stranded in St. Louis by the winter weather—but loving it because they said they never got that kind of weather at home. 

This Monday, the snow was gone, and the high temperature in St. Louis was three degrees higher than in Water Valley. 

“Just like that,” said Mike Telishevsky, who moved to St. Louis from Russia at age 15 back in 1996.

He was among the throng who swarmed the Waterway Car Wash in Maryland Heights.

The staff doubled to handle a load of nearly 300 customers, which was way more than double a typical Monday crowd. 

“I always love St. Louis for this change of weather.  You come in, one week it can be Siberia, next week, you come in, it can be so nice, you can go outside, wash your car,” Telishevsky smiled. 

The GolfPort driving range was back in the ‘swing’.  People were pounding golf balls at the driving range in the afternoon sun. 

That seemed impossible thought 168 hours (7days) earlier.  Even in St. Louis, workers had never seen so much change, so fast.

“From that cold to this warm, no, I have not,” said Tom Kush as we worked in the pro shop.  “Golf was the last thing on our minds.  It was getting out, shoveling the driveway and everything else.  We couldn’t get in the lot a week ago. “

Nicole Favignano’s baseball glove was hardly within “arm’s reach” then. 

She was playing catch with a friend as the sun went down near Creve Coeur Lake.

“I know I can’t believe I’m outside in shorts in January.  It’s great.  I love it…I could barely open my front door because the snow as just falling in,” she said.  “Crazy weather.  Last Monday I couldn’t even walk outside because I thought I was going to die of frostbite.  Now I’m out here playing catch.  It’s awesome.”

But it is still Januaryand it is still St. Louis. The forecast calls for a chance of snow, Tuesday night.    


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