Giant snow piles can be dangerous for kids

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EDWARDSVILLE, IL (KTVI)-- Those giant piles of snow near the curb could turn into a real danger for kids.  That`s the warning from Matt Taul, Edwardsville Street Department Superintendent.

"At the end of some cul-de-sacs they are 10 feet high," Taul.

His concern is that kids will end up building igloos or forts and won`t be able to hear the snow plows coming.

"Parents should educate their kids about the danger of snow plows," said Taul.

He said crews are now starting to expand the width of their clearing efforts and will soon be clearing streets from curb to curb.  That means plows will be inching closer to where the piles of snow are located.

Taul said crews work in teams of two.  He`s told crews to stop when they approach a giant snow pile in a subdivision and check for any children.

"I have heard stories of other people checking piles prior to plowing them, and you know, running kids off," said Taul.

He said 98% of the roads in Edwardsville are passable.

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