Digging out from Sunday’s snowfall

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)--  Monday's below digit temperatures didn't deter Father Ronald Hopmeir.

"When it snows we don't just sit inside and watch the flakes come down," says Fr. Ronald Hopmeir of St. Stephen Protomartyr Church.  "I have a funeral tomorrow also so I'm trying to do what I can to get the best off anyway.  But it is pretty to look at." 

The South St. Louis Catholic priest was busy shoveling sidewalks along Wilmington Street.

Whether in Westport or Dogtown, many in the metropolitan area were digging out from yesterday's snowfall.

"Just bend over and start pushing that shovel until you're sick of it and then jump in and see if you can drive out," says Rich Guin.

That's what Dominic Flores was doing as his car was snowed in along Oakland Avenue Monday afternoon.

"Areyou kind of a non-conformist?" asks Patrick Clark.

The former Chicago resident was on his way to the hardware store to purchase a snow shovel.

"You can handle this?" asks Patrick Clark.

"Oh I don't prefer it, which is why I moved down here to St. Louis," says Dominic Flores. "It's not my favorite weather."

"Nor mine," adds Clark.

According to Channel 11 chief meteorologist John Fuller Monday's low was ten degrees and the high was zero.

The high temperature was a zero!

So digging in and digging out took some dedication, and we dig that.

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