Roads are dangerous – even for snow plows

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(KTVI) – It’s a tough go on the roads out there Monday, even for snow plows.

Bommarito Automotive SkyFOX found a flipped Jefferson County snow plow in Fenton near Cambridge and Saline Drive.

A big problem for street crews is how much the wind has been blowing the snow around. Crews in the city of St. Louis are working 12 hours shifts, but it’s so cold that the chemicals they’re using are just not working.

Some drivers hitting the roads report their cars get stuck when they get to an intersection. There’s so much snow that when it’s cleared, it piles up somewhere else.

MoDOT warns drivers to slow down. Even if roads look clear, they could be covered with black ice.

Snow on the surface is melting in the sun, but immediately refreezing, due to the extreme cold conditions. This is causing slick “black ice” during daylight hours.