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Metrolink rider says robbers jumped him with security close by

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EAST ST. LOUIS, IL (KTVI) – A St. Louis man said two armed robbers attacked him at a Metrolink station while a security guard watched.   Russell Jacobs said he had just walked past a security guard as he got off the train. 

He then walked over to a bus bay where he said a couple guys looked like they were there to wait too. Then he turned his backand he said they jumped him.

Jacobs said, “I told them I don’t have any money, it’s the wrong time of the month.” Jacobs laughed, “They still wanted to swing on me.”

Blood still marks the spot of the attack at the Jackie Joyner Kersee Metrolink station.  Jacobs said the robbers attacked Saturday at about 8:00pm.  He pointed to his cheek and forehead, “[They] hit me with a pistol here and here.”

Jacobs said the security officer didn’t seem to move until another reported eyewitness ran over to get the officer, “I’m all bleedingand he hasn’t even called the police yet. He’s asking me do I want the police and an ambulance, and I said, yeah.”

Jacobs said he was quite a distance from the security officer who was up on the train pad, but he said he was sure the officer could hear, because Jacobs said he was screaming, “He should’ve heard me and not only that, but with the person coming up telling him there’s a guy getting beat up.  He should’ve been coming down there running.”

Passengers Tuesday acted as if Jacobs’ story is the norm.  One woman said, “I feel like they should have more lights up here.”  Reporter Chris Hayes followed up, “What about security?”  The woman answered, “Oh, it’s not good. They don’t be here after five o’clock. You will get robbed up here.”

Jacobs hopes police will find surveillance video showing his two attackers, “What gets me is they didn’t act like they were up to anything.  They acted like they were waiting on the bus.  It wasn’t until I turned my back to them that they bum rushed me.”

Jacobs said the robbers ran away with nothing, except possible criminal charges if police catch them.

A Metrolink spokesperson said the public safety officer reported he did not see the robbery and couldn't have seen it since he was so far away.  She said the attack was also too far away to be captured on surveillance, but Metrolink is reviewing video to see if they see the suspects getting off the train.

The spokesperson added that Metrolink is very serious about safety and that TSA recently recognized it as one of the safest commuters in the country.

Meanwhilepolice are still looking for two robbers connected to a Metrolink station in Maplewood.  Video surveillance reveals the suspects – a couple who appear to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Police say the couple followed a woman who got off the train and later robbed the commuter.  The robbery took place Thanksgiving week, but Maplewood police are still looking to identify the reported robbers.  Call Crime Stoppers with any information at 866-371-TIPS.

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