Pope Francis on Same-Sex Marriage

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Pope Francis has held his position for less than a year, but he’s already shown he’s quite different from his predecessors. He has made comments about gay rights that have reverberated around the world.  The Pope has said, “if a person is gay and accepts the lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge them? He also made used the word gay when church officials previously had used the word ‘homosexual. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick says, “this is how the people on the periphery look at life and describe life and that’s what he is. he wants to talk to them in their own language. this is pope francis. you love everybody.” The Pope’s comments drew a mixture of praise and criticism among Catholics. Critics thought Francis didn’t go far enough. Church doctrine remains the same. Engaging in homosexuality is a sin and – quote – intrinsically disordered. Pope Francis’s predecessors both talked tough on the gay issue. Last year, Pope Benedict the Sixteenth said, “father, mother, child. Essential elements of the experience of being human are lost.” One scholar says “Benedict had a certain charisma but it was the charisma of a university professor that you respected. Whereas Francis is the uncle you want to run up to and hug. Francis is the kind of Pope you need at this moment. Someone who’s gentler, somebody who’s more open. He’s  not going to change doctrine but he’s going to preach it differently.”

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