Neighbors push owner to turn off holiday light display

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(KTVI)-- The "Lights On Paris Drive" holiday display is set to be turned off for good after this year.

The display features 300,000 lights and can be seen nightly from 5:30 to 9:00.

Hundreds of cars visit the display every year.

The man who owns the lights told Fox 2 restrictions on when the display can be on and neighbors concerned about traffic have made him decide to stop putting up the lights.

Neighbors have complained about not being able to get in or out of the neighborhood when the display is on.

However, people like Paul Zilch said the news is "sad."

"Especially for the kids who look forward to this," he said.

The display will run through Dec. 31 unless the owner of the lights changes his mind.


  • Amanda Jackson

    The did do a “community meeting” that’s what put the restrictions on this year. I think it’s a shame he’s being forced by neighbors to shut it down. That’s a real shame, it’s become quite the tradition in my family. I for one will be very sad to see it go. To the neighbors, good job Grinches, you stole Christmas from this man.

  • Jennifer (@amiablejak)

    what if it took you an hour to get to your house every night for a month? how would you react? tired, hungry, need to pick up your kids and get them to a christmas concert, and you can’t because of the traffic in godfrey?

    • Amanda Jackson

      Have you ever been there? I have. That’s a HUGE exaggeration. The cars in line are off to the side, all they have to do is drive around. And it’s only 30 days and certain hours. Again, they already had a meeting about it over the summer, it was agreed upon, but the neighbors don’t want to compromise.

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