Family comes home to find Christmas presents stolen

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A real life Grinch has stolen Christmas from a family in North St. Louis County.
It happened Monday evening in the 8800 block of Alva Street, while the family was away at the movies.

"I heard my dad scream and then I went into his room and it was messed up," said Kewon Holland, 12. ''I was shocked."

But what the Holland`s didn`t realize at first was the burglar also stole their Christmas presents from the front room closet.

"I was in tears last night, that is how I went to sleep," said Shawn Holland, 35.  "I am fighting them back now because I don`t think that`s` fair," said the father of four.

The family believes the thief came in through a less-than-well-locked bedroom window, and left through the front door, which they found open when they came home.

Among the missing items, an iPad and about 20 video games meant to be Christmas presents, along with a box of holiday donations they received from a church giveaway.

Along the presents, the Holland`s also report they had a television stolen and $500 in cash that Shawn Holland had been saved to buy a car.

"I am just depressed right now and sad, that is all I can say," said Kewon Holland.

The thieves say the burglar even stole their tabletop tree.

"We started bursting into tears, we all hugged each other and said it is all going to be alright," said Zariah Holland, 8.

Shawn Holland says even though he has made a lot of mistakes in his life, he`s been trying to do right by his kids, recently earning a degree in welding despite having a physical disability.

Holland says it was money left over from his student loan that went to pay for the gifts.

"I am at the point now where I just can`t wait for Christmas to get over because I was trying to do my best to give my kids pretty much everything they wanted," Holland said.

"It is going to be a sad day around here."

But the family`s fortunes may be changing.  Not long after their story aired on Fox 2, generous viewers were already offering to help the Holland family.

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