Bill would make school days and summer vacation longer

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(KTVI) – You may get a longer summer if you’re a Missouri student.

A proposal in Missouri would ensure schools don’t start until September and end before June.

The bill would increase class time, which means longer school days.

The measure also requires students to participate in summer school if they do not perform up to snuff.


  • Casisrad

    Pretty stupid since my child already gets up at 5am for school! Stop with the 1/2 days. They are a waste for the kids. The schools stay open so they government won’t cut funds to the school. Maybe instead of having a break here and there, do a two week break every other month or so and then a few week break for summera nd then advance on to the next grade. The summer school if the grades aren’t up to snuff is goofy considering they are thinking about implementing COMMON CORE where basically no one can fail…..the good kids that get a’s in school will have the lazy kids get a’s as well without trying.

  • K

    It’s a fact that the school can save money and it is better for families if u start at 8 and end the day at 5 with 4 day weeks. Students that are in need of child care are done so by other students. I would agree with the half days but at times those are necessary.

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