All clear at Kirkwood High, no shots fired

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KIRKWOOD, MO (KTVI) - There were dramatic and tense moments early this morning at Kirkwood High School after police got a call for possible shots fired inside the school. That prompted a massive police response. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm.

It all started a little before 6am. That`s when Kirkwood police got the call for possible shots fired at the high school along with possible glass breakage. The 911 call came from a janitor at the campus. Officers from several different agencies responded and a massive search of the school started. While some police searched inside, other officers blocked entrances to the school. After about two hours, the 'all clear' was given.

Investigators believe a box of light bulbs fell and the crash may have sounded like gun shots.
Fortunately everything was ok but police weren`t taking any chances.

"The agencies around as always, we help them, they help us, and everybody is where they need to be immediately. That`s the only way to handle these things given history- you can`t play anything cheap," said Chief Jack Plummer with the Kirkwood Police Department.

Tom Williams, the superintendent for Kirkwood Schools, added, "The recent events just make you very aware of security and safety; it`s one of those calls you never want to get. Fortunately, it turned out really well and we`re glad about that."

While the search was going on, everyone who was coming to the high school but couldn`t get on campus was sent to a nearby Dierbergs. That included buses filled with students. After the all clear, those buses along with lots of others eventually made it to school. We talked with 16 year old Jada Baker- a sophomore who was at the Dierbergs waiting and wondering what was happening.

"It was just like a weird feeling because we didn`t really know what was going on and we were just hoping everything was OK. And with finals, we were like wanting to get that done to," explained Baker.
17 year old senior Amelia Teare watched the events from her house.

"It was a little scary at first to think something could be happening to our school because you`ve seen it like in history classes, you get taught it in school. But you never actually imagine that it could happen somewhere like in your own school. It`s weird, it`s scary."

Beth Reider, a mother of two at the high school, added, "Our local police and surrounding police departments were here instantly. And the girls were nervous to go initially when we saw the activity. But, you know, they know they`re safe."

We asked several students this morning if they felt comfortable coming back. Some said they were a little Leary but all of them applauded the law enforcement response. Classes wound up starting about an hour late. The high school was the only campus impacted. This is finals week for the students.
They certainly didn`t need this distraction. But, it could have been lot worse. Fortunately, nobody hurt.

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