Thief ends up in hospital after caught on tape stealing from car wash

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WATERLOO, IL (KTVI)--  A wild Sunday night started with surveillance video that prompted one Waterloo, Illinois business owner to take action. Shure Shine Auto Wash owner Monty Wolfe was monitoring his business from home and saw a man breaking into his cash machines at 6pm on Sunday night. Wolfe rushed over and caught the man in the act. That`s when the situation escalated.

"I could see he was looking for anything that held cash," said Wolfe.

Waterloo police identify the suspect as 52-year-old David Albrecht. They say he`s a career criminal with a rap sheet 30 pages long. Albrecht was captured on tape as he tried to escape and led police on 3 mile chase down North Market Street that ended with a crash on Route 3. It`s also believed that he also tried to ram a Waterloo police car.

"He almost took out 2 or 3 cars out.  He was running at least 100 miles per hour down the road with his lights off. He hit one my poles in the parking lot and brushed me with his car. I was within 6 inches of him running me over. He had no concern for anyone`s life or his own," said Wolfe.

Albrecht ended up crashing his car. He's is recovering from his injuries at a hospital in police custody.

Investigators are in the process of gathering evidence and plan to apply for warrants with the Illinois States Attorney`s office. As for Wolfe he has one message for anyone looking to commit a crime in his community.

"You know what you better watch out where you go because guess what someone is always watching you and in a small town like this you`re going to get caught," he said.

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