Worker trapped inside garbage truck after tangled in power lines

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – It was a scary situation for a St. Louis city worker on Thursday, who got trapped inside a garbage truck.

 She was driving the city vehicle just after noon, when it got tangled in some power lines, forcing her to remain inside until she was rescued.

It happened near Veronica Avenue and Church Road in north St. Louis.

This city employee seemed shaken by what happened, but thankfully, first responders were able to get her out safely.

It’s a narrow north city alley along the driver’s regular pick-up route.  But this time, when the arm of the garbage truck reached down to pick up a dumpster, it got tangled in low-hanging power lines, leaving the dumpster suspended in mid-air.

St. Louis Fire Dept. Captain Garon Mosby says, “I believe the operator attempted to maneuver free. That maneuvering further entangled the arm or lift of the truck with the power lines, which pulled the pole at an obscure angle there.”

With hot power lines touching the metal truck, the driver would have likely been electrocuted if she opened the door. That’s why Ameren workers quickly stepped in to cut off the power.

By mid-afternoon, firefighters had secured the area, and it was finally safe for the driver to leave her truck.

Then, Ameren set to work, detangling the wires from the truck, before turning power back on to nearby residents.

The leaning power pole will have to be replaced, but Ameren crews are saving that work for another day so they didn’t have to leave residents without power for too long on the cold day.  In the meantime, workers reinforced the pole to prevent it from toppling over.

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