Women upset after repairman sees them naked at tanning salon

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CRYSTAL CITY, MO (KTVI)-- Crystal City Police are investigating a bizarre incident at a tanning business involving two naked women and a guy on a ladder.  The women are  upset. Together they’ve been customers at the business for years, and they want justice.

Dawn Buzzetta and her friend Gina Harman said it happened Monday at The Tan Company in Crystal City. They were naked in their tanning beds when they heard work men in the hallway setting up a ladder to repair a leak.  The repairmen were right next to their doors. The women described the tanning booths as having 8 foot walls and the ladder was 12 foot.

When they completed tanning one woman looked up and saw a man staring down at her.  She was mortified.  The other woman is sure she was also seen naked by the stranger.

Dawn Buzzetta said, “I felt violated. I felt violated.” Gina Harman added, “It makes you feel uncomfortable, like you’ve been invaded.”

R.L. Jones Property, the company that owns the shopping center and leases to The Tan Co. said the repairmen was let in by the tanning employee and the worker should have stopped the repairmen before anything happened. The Tan Company said the employee knew repairmen were in the business but knew nothing about the ladder. The property company countered that it was a tanning employee who allowed the repairmen inside the building.

Dawn Buzzetta said, “I’m upset right now. This man just seen me naked. I’m shaking. I felt violated.”

The Crystal City Police chief said his department was alerted about the situation by The Tan Company.  If charges are filed they could include harassment and invasion of privacy.  Chief Jeff McCreary said, “It caused the victims quite a bit of discomfort so obviously we take something like that seriously and follow up on it.”

The women said they asked to be let out of their contracts, but The Tan Company said no. Late Thursday afternoon a tanning spokeswoman said the women could cancel their memberships.  The women said The Tan Company offered them an apology and five free tans.  The women said they are going somewhere else to tan. Gina Harman said, “We want to feel like someone’s actually hearing us. Right now we want justice.”  Dawn Buzzetta added, “I have a daughter who is 13-years-old. She does the spray tan. What if it happened to her.”

The property owner said he reprimanded his employee of 20 years.  He said the repairmen didn’t know there were women tanning.  The Tan Co. said their clients' safety is paramount and that the company has added a new policy: no workers in the business while people are tanning.

Police indicate if charges are filed they could come in a few days.

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