Center turn lanes can be dangerous

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) -- I can't believe we don't see more center turn-lane accidents than we do see.

It seems there are center turn lanes in areas where there are more than a dozen entrances and exits for businesses.

I've been heading into a center turn late before only to come inches away from a car facing me.

Then throw into the mix the drivers who use the center turn lane as a way to merge into traffic and you're looking at a potential three-car accident.

It's great to have a turn lane to keep traffic moving. I just wish we didn't have them in areas where we have so many places to turn.

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  • petalpusherwandcleaner

    I have seen people travel a block in the turn lane before they make their turn.
    They can’t get it through their thick skull that you need to be very close to where you are going to make your turn and at that point you get into the turn lane and make your turn.
    There are the folks who travel and travel the turn lane so they can be let in with flowing traffic. Just get in the turn lane, STOP with your blinker on and see if someone will let you merge or wait till traffic clears to merge.
    When traffic is extremely busy and it is impossible to make a left. Just make the left or the right and sit. Someone will let you in.

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