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New toys to help get kids outside and play

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(KPLR)  - It`s easy to spend countless hours online watching cat videos, but not so easy to get motivated to stay fit. Now a new line of toys wants to get kids outside by putting a fun new spin on classic toys.

Growing up I`d be outside all day until dinner time. One toy company is trying to bring back some of that magic by getting kids playing outdoors.
With so many distractions online.

Sometimes it`s hard get motivated to go outside and exercise.

But a toy company is looking for fun ways to keep kids healthy.

Tracey Rosen: The idea behind GEOSPACE toys is to really be active/fit, get them off the couch and away from the television set and just have fun and be creative and be kids again.

Geospace is putting a new spin on classic toys.

Jack: I`m excited to play with these toys.

Instead of taking a jog, go on a space walk.

Tracey Rosen: Air Kicks Anti- Gravity Boots are great for exercise because it helps take a lot of the pressure off the knee and all of the joints, it`s all terrain, so you can actually use it on any hiking trail.

Girl: I like the toy a lot because like, I’m exercising without me even knowing it, it`s just so much fun

The pogo stick also gets a makeover.

Tracey Rosen: The JackHammer Pogo Stick is actually an extreme pogo stick you can get a higher bounce than a regular pogo stick and if talented enough you can even do flips and a lot of tricks.

Even the jump rope gets a new techie twist.

Tracey Rosen: Instead of your basic jump rope, now we have a product that uses kinetic energy and so whenever a child jumps it will actually light up.

It also has a counter to show you how you`re doing.

Shoot for the moon with jump rockets.

Tracey Rosen: They can actually fly up to thirty feet high and because it`s foam, really isn't going to cause any damage; it can be used indoors and outdoors, and it won't hurt a child if it falls down on them either.

It`s like Nerf without the guns.

These toys are really fun, but wear a helmet just in case. If you want more info on anything I mentioned, just go to the tech report dot TV.