Cason: HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

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(KPLR) – Cason, from C3 Fitness, stopped by to show John Fuller some HIIT - high intensity interval training to get a great workout in a short time.

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Round 1 (4 minutes)

2 sets high knees, 2 sets of plank punches, 2 sets of jumping jacks, 2 sets of side skaters

Round 2 (4 minutes)

2 sets of jump rope 2 sets of high/low boat 2 sets of line jumps 2 sets of push-ups

Round 3 (4 minutes)

2 sets of burpees 2 sets of Russian twists 2 sets of squats 2 sets of lunges

Round 4 (4 minutes)

2 sets of mountain climbers 2 sets of push-ups 2 sets of split squats 2 sets of box jumps

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