Fast food workers hold nationwide strike Thursday

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(KTVI) - Fast food workers continue their fight for better wages.  They're staging a one-day strike across the U.S. Thursday.

They're demanding $15 an hour.  Strikers say there are $36,000 fast food workers in St. Louis and their average pay is $8.71.


  • Big George

    If they raise the minimum wage to $15, then I will apply for a part time job at a fast food restaurant. I have a high school diploma and college degree. Many other educated individuals would do the same. Therefore, these people that are protesting wouldn’t even be offered the job. Instead of marching around in the sleet/freezing rain, maybe they should devote some time to educating themselves. In the end, everyone would be better off for it and these individuals would be able to obtain a better paying job.

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