Prince Harry continues trek to South Pole

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ANTARCTICA (FOX NEWS) - We're hearing from Prince Harry Tuesday, as he continues his trek to the South Pole.

Here he is taking what looks like a well needed break in Antarctica.

The prince looking a bit worn out, as he takes a call from his fellow British serviceman.

They're in the Canary Islands preparing to row across the Atlantic Ocean.

And while Prince Harry may be stuck in sub-zero temperatures, they are all working together in a massive effort to raise money for wounded veterans.

Prince Harry says: "Is that Cayle?"

(off screen: "Yes, it's Cayle, how are you getting on?")

"I'm good mate, how are you doing? It's minus 30 here; apparently it's plus 30 where you are?"

James Kayll says: "I think it's at least plus 30 and its past midday. How's your training going?"

Prince Harry says: "We're past the training point, we are at 87 degrees 70 I think it isand we've had a few setbacks but we're due to start on Sunday for our 300 kilometer walk. When do you start?"

James Kayll says: "We're due to start on Monday (2nd December) to row 3000 miles, so it's a little bit further than your walk but at the moment we're not so pleased with the weather its looking a bit unpredictable at the moment so we anticipate possibly a delay, but TBC."

Prince Harry says: "Yeah but rowing 3000 miles is a hell of a lot easier than walking 300 kilometers by the way."

(off screen: "Especially if you've got a broken toe I can imagine that's true")

"I can't, I'm not allowed to mention my broken toe next to people like (inaudible) who's only got one leg."

Prince Harry is making his Antarctic trek to raise money for the military charity "Walking with the Wounded".

The charity helps injured soldiers retrain themselves for a new career.

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