Young mother 1 year after being struck by car at bus stop

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A young mother is now thriving after she was hit by an impaired driver exactly one year ago. It happened while she was pregnant, waiting at a bus stop.

As Makaya, 5 months old, happily plays with her older sisters, it’s hard to believe that just last November, her mother, Sharnay Hill, was fighting for both their lives.  Hill recalls, “I thought my leg was gone, and I thought my baby was going to die.”

It happened all too quickly, while she was waiting at a Pine Lawn bus stop, on the corner of Vetter and Jennings Station Road.

An SUV swerved toward her, hit the 23-year-old pregnant woman, and then smashed into an empty child care center.  Police say the driver, Edy Ramirez, 43, was an illegal immigrant and driving while impaired. He has since been charged and handed over to deportation officials.

Hill suffered several broken bones, all inches from her womb. Her aunt, Nicki Chance, explains, “We were wondering, ‘What are we going to be walking into with her?’ But we were also trying to comfort her as well, with her unborn child.”

Recovering while pregnant wasn’t easy. “I got a rod from my hip to my knee,” explains Hill, “as far as back walking and doing everything on my own, it took me a couple of months.”  She isn’t completely healed, and may never be: “I still have pain, like if I do a lot of moving, my leg swells up on me, and my knee aches a lot.”

But incredibly, the mom of four isn’t angry.  “I think about it a lot,” she says, “and sometimes when I ride past there it gets to me, what happened to me, but other than that, no, things happen, so I can’t really get mad.”

Sitting there, holding her precious, healthy girl must have something to do with that.  “She isn’t a cry baby, she’s goofy, everyone loves her, I love her, this is my baby,” says Hill with a smile.  Her aunt adds, “This could have been a very sad Thanksgiving, but we’re looking at her, and I’m so full of joy.”

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