Clients report attorney Jeff Witt is missing

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(KTVI) – An attorney is reported missing by clients who say he disappeared around Halloween night.  Jeff Witt helped break the 2008 Clayton garage bombing case.  He worked with federal agents and turned state witness against his former client Skip Ohlsen.  Our inquiry found no evidence of a connection between his cooperation and his recent reported disappearance.

Jeff Witt advertises himself as "protection against the raw hand of the law."

One of his clients contacted us when he couldn't find him.

The client said, "He was supposed to show up for court for me and take care of my case for me. I wouldn't need to show up. He gave me a letter to that effect that I did not need to come to court.  Then he did not show up for court on that court dateand I was at risk of being arrested."

The doors are locked at Attorney Witt’s St. Peters office.  Neighbors report they’ve been locked for weeks, with law employees showing up at odd hours.

Several people who work nearby say they’ve met furious clients complaining they’ve been abandoned. 

This Wednesday, November 27, the Missouri Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel filed court documents recommending suspension, saying Witt left behind 58 clients.  The documents also allege the clients can't access their files.

Regulators also allege Witt hired disbarred attorney Bernard Becton to help him with cases.  Becton served prison time for forgery.  He currently faces felony theft charges and court records indicate Becton demanded the deposition of Witt in his defense.

We also tried tracking down Witt at his St. Louis County home.  He didn’t answer the door.  Police report they checked on him October 25 and found him alive and well.

Recently, Witt's had a sign on his front office door saying he’d be gone one week. Business neighbors said the sign remained for a month and then came down Thanksgiving day.  We’ll stay on top of the actions against Witt and the clients he reportedly stranded.

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  • Meagan

    My boyfriend retained Jeff for some traffic related offenses. Biggest mistake ever he missed court lied about it dodged phone calls, emails, text. At one point his assistant Natasha forged documents and sent them to us saying court was rescheduled for X date so we called the county to confirm and no such court date existed and that’s when we found out he had a warrant for his arrest. When he called Natasha angry pointing out that information was false she handed him over to Jeff who promised to rectify the situation. Of course nothing was done and the last contact we had was mid October so 1000 down the drain and a million headaches later and he is in worse shape then before. The least he could have done was send a letter saying he was going out of business and we should find new representation… anything!!! He is scum of the earth and I hope he falls and breaks his giant egg head

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