Remembering President Kennedy on the 50th anniversary of his assassination

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DALLAS, TX (KTVI)-- There are milestone events in of our lives that we never forget: 9-11, a flood, a war.

And for many it`s the assassination of President Kennedy.

I am in Dealy Plaza where the president was murdered behind me. Crews are setting up for Friday’s big event many people say they will never forget that day. I know I won`t. I was in Dallas on that day.

When President Kennedy and the first lady arrived in Dallas, I was 5 miles away in the second grade at St. Monica Catholic School. Back then nuns wore long habits.

Dave Gross was and still is a teacher here. He remembers November 22, 1963 very well.

Sally Reilly had brought a T.V. to school so students could watch the president`s visit.

My dad picked up my two brothers and me early and took us home. There we learned that the shots that killed the president came from the Texas state school book depository.     The streets in my neighborhood turned quiet.  Children did not go out to play, apparently out of respect for the president.

When it was announced Lee Harvey Oswald was the suspect I remember my dad searching the phone book to find out if Oswald lived near us, he didn`t.

Our neighbor Warren Caster lived just a few doors down from us in this house. He worked at the school book depository.  Witnesses saw a gun sticking out the building`s six floor window.  Two days before caster had purchased two guns.

Caster would soon find himself involved in one of the nation`s largest investigations. It was called the warren report the official inquiry into the assassination. Caster`s testimony is in volume 7 page 386. He testified he purchased two weapons one was for himself, the other a Christmas present for his son.  He brought the guns back to the book depository.  But caster was 35 miles away on business when Kennedy was shot. He was cleared and became a footnote to history.  Years later, Caster said he didn`t know fellow employee Oswald well but said he was 'a weird sort of guy who kept to himself that he was 'some kind of nut.'

Two days after the president’s murder Oswald was killed

A Dallas F.B.I. Agent James Hosty wrote a book called ‘Assignment Oswald.’ Hosty was the man in charge of checking out Oswald before the president’s visit. Hosty and my father attended Notre Dame together.

My dad never told me what if anything Agent Hosty revealed to him about November 22nd except that Hosty took a lot heat from his superiors.  Our family`s brush with history would not end in Dallas. My father was on a business trip in Memphis the day Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered. And we lived in the Los Angeles area the night Robert Kennedy was gunned down.

And Friday I will be covering all the events.