Why serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin, should not have been executed

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(KPLR) – In Monday's Jacology, Charles Jaco looks at why a serial killer, should not have been executed:

Joseph Paul Franklin was a racist serial killer who murdered at least eight people. He may have killed up to twenty. He killed Gerald Gordon outside of a Richmond Heights synagogue. He killed Bryant Tatum in Chattanooga with a shotgun. He shot down Harold Mciver in Georgia. He murdered Darrel Lane and Dante Brown in Cincinnati. They were 13 and 14 years old. He killed Nancy Santomero and Vicky Durian in Virginia. He gunned down Ted Fields and David Martin in Salt Lake City. He shot and wounded civil rights leader Vernon Jordan and Hustler publisher Larry Flint. And those are just the one's we're sure of.

So this morning a little after six am, Franklin was executed by the state of Missouri in Bonne Terre, for killing Gerald Gordon in 1979. He died by lethal injection after a federal appeals court and the U.S. Supreme Court overruled a Kansas City federal judge. She had ruled that the execution should have been delayed, because of the drugs used in the execution. She was right. Joseph Paul Franklin was a murderous monster. And he should not have been executed.

The drug Missouri was going to use is also used in hospitals for anesthesia. It's only manufactured in Europe. The Europeans are against the death penalty. They said if Missouri killed someone with the drug, they'd stop exporting it to Missouri hospitals. So the state backed off. Instead, they came up with a mixture specially prepared by a compounding pharmacy. The mixture has never been Okayed by the FDA. It had never been tested. And there was no way of knowing whether it would result in a horribly painful death.

That was the issue, the constitution outlaws cruel and unusual punishment. But the Supreme Court overruled the lower court. Franklin was executed. The drugs worked, apparently, and he just went to sleep. But if we're going to allow the state to kill someone in all of our names, we need to make sure it's constitutional before we kill them, not afterwards. This execution should have been delayed.

I'm Charles Jaco, and that's Jacology.

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  • Mike Neel

    Mr. Jaco,

    It never ceases to amaze me the irony of some of your liberal views. Help me understand something.
    How can the same person support abortion, which
    extinguishes the life of a child which has not yet even
    had the chance to commit wrong, but opposes the execution of a person who has committed numerous murders? At least the catholic priest that is arrested at
    Every execution is consistant. I would very much enjoy reading a response from you.

    Thank you Mr. Jaco,

    Mike Neel
    Bonne Terre MO

  • Tim Saint John

    Here’s a thought, why bother to punish crime period ? Just let everybody off with a “good talking to” and a $50 fine. Let’s not put RABID dogs to sleep either, that’s animal abuse. Let everybody and everything run riot, as they wish. Who are we to try to maintain law and order ?

  • linda stockman

    Sorry I could care less how this guy was killed, he did not care about the 17-20 people he killed much less how he did it. However I have had to feed, house and clothe him all these years now that’s what should be unconstitutional. I didn’t do it but have paid and paid because he did.

  • TiredOfJaco

    Every time I hear this guy give a report, I am always reminded of his fake brodacasts during the first gulf war. Since then his reporting and his opinions are meaningless to me. He is a grave disservice to reporters everywhere. Just google Jaco fake cnn broadcast.

  • George W. Money

    The drug had been used before in other states….He met his fate and if we did this more often there would be less murders thus saving lives.

  • lois dennis

    This man deserved to be executed. He was a serial killer with no real and rrue remorse. Why is his life more valuable than the people he killed?? I think Jaco is a true wack job who honestly doesn’t deserve the job he has!

  • Karen in Florissant

    Jaco, you are a joke. I don’t know why I even read this. You are a bleeding liberal heart at times when the mood fits you. This was a waste of five minutes of my life I can never get back, I usually try to avoid any stories your name is attached to.

    • George W. Money

      LOL…Karen you have said it best! This guy would give every tax dollar to anyone who wanted it if he could…

  • Ron L

    Mr Jaco, I dare say that you are an idiot for even implying that his execution was unconstitutional! This monster killed innocent people and showed no remorse! Missouri did the right thing!

  • Mike J.

    Why should we give a shit if it was constitutional or not to kill him! What about the rights of the people he killed, and if the way he was killed was painful so be it due to the fact of the pain he has caused other people. Why offer them the choice of their last meal, he never offered his victims anything before he pulled the trigger!!

  • Renee' M.

    Mr. Jaco,

    Sometimes I agree with you…this is not one of them. I’m sorry, but his victims didn’t have a stay of execution…he wasn’t concerned with their constitutional rights….with the family and friends that they were so dear to and how much hurt he would bring into their lives. None of this was of any consequence to this man. I hope he made things right with God, for I do not desire to see anyone lost for eternity. However, if you do the crime, you have to know that you may face punishment for that crime. If the drugs had caused him discomfort…well…so be it. As far as I’m concerned, hanging or electrocution should be brought back instead of these injections anyway.

  • Mary B

    I think he should have been put in front of a firing squad. And killed slow. I am shocked that you are disagreeing how this monster was put out of the worlds misery. Am done watching you. Am ashamed that I ever did. I can’t imagine how the victims feel. They no longer have their family members because of this monster and you wanna hug him and make sure he is okay. What a joke!!!!

  • rose howard

    i agree with you mary b. i think it should be an eye for an eye, maybe that would slow down crime. and don’t wait 40 years to execute, make sure they r guilty for sure, maybe 6 months after guilty plea and then execute them the same way they killed their victims.

  • Rhonda

    So Mr. Jaco, would like to be the person to volunteer to be the testing dummy? Missouri did the right thing. And on another front, since when do we allow Europe to dictate when and how a drug is used? Thought any say they had ended with the Revolutionary War.

  • country girl

    I personally think instead of things being tested on animals thing should be tested on murderers/rapest/ and child abusers/ molesters! This world is sick and I believe anyone that does those things and take people peace of mind should have their minds blown and be put to death. Who cares is they dye of a horrific death, but then again they will get theirs in heaven!

  • Hanoi Jaco

    So let me get this straight, Mr humanitarian, you’re ok if a clinic pulls the arm off of a baby in utero, or pokes a hole in its head. Yet you have a problem with punishing a self-proclaimed judge and jury who inflicted mass amounts of pain and suffering to so many lives, simply because of their ethnicity? After the horror that he inflicted on so many people, you have the audacity to fight for his level of comfort and rights when it’s HIS time to meet our maker? Shame on you, Mr Jack-O! Why don’t you work up the b*lls to hand deliver this story to all of the victim’s families, and see how much compassion you get from them! Arrogant dirt bag!

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