Jingle Bells? Kmart’s new ad raising eyebrows

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(YOUTUBE) -KMart has been pushing the envelop with commercials over the last year. But this time, some people think they’ve gone too far.

The latest commercial running online is called “Show Your Joe”. It was unveiled on Monday and features six men wearing Joe Boxer and thrusting their midsections to the tune of “Jingle Bells”.

Some people find the ad offensive, but others say it’s just silliness. What do you think?


  • Patty jackson

    Hilarious! Makes me want to shop at k mart. Anyone who is offended has no sense of humor and just don’t watch it. Let the rest of us enjoy life and have a laugh. Please keep making these funny commercials and I’ll keep shopping at k mart!

  • Lea

    Not offensive at all! We use women’s bodies to sell products all the time. I think the commercial is silly. I like it.

  • Tammy Perkisn

    I think it is CRAZY that people are offended by this add. You see half dressed women EVERY day advertising……I think it is funny……

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