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Downed limbs will become mulch in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Monday was a busy day for cleanup crews in the city of St. Louis.  Parks, Recreation and Forestry Director Gary Bess estimates some 100 truckloads of downed tree limbs were dumped at a composting facility.

The limbs were shredded into mulch.  The mulch is available for free for city residents during the day at Carondelet Park.  The park is located at Grand and Holy Hills.

"The storm resulted in a lot of damagebut the positive spin on this is the material will be put to good use," said Bess.

He said crews were busy Sunday clearing streets covered by tree limbs.  He said the next step is to clear any lanes next to a curb where limbs remain. City crews will remove downed tree limbs from private property if residents can move them to the curb before Monday.   Bess said residents should call (314)-613-7200 between the hours of 8am and 5pm to schedule a pickup.

A number of older brick homes in North St. Louis took on damage.  We found bricks that fell from an unoccupied building near Bissell and Strodtman on Sunday.  The mess was cleaned out of the street before the end of the day.   Candice Israelsen lives next door.  She praised city crews for the work they did to clean up the mess.

We talked with neighbors of a home that was damaged on James 'Cool Papa' Bell Avenue.  Neighbors said the home once belonged to the baseball legend the street was named after.   One neighbor said the homeowner had worked to restore the building and still hoped to save it.

"To see the damage is really heartbreaking," said Mark Madison.  "For something like this to happen, it`s very devastating within my heart and spirit."

Madison hoped others would join in helping the homeowner make repairs.

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