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Could Brittany Murphy have been poisoned?

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(CNN) – The father of actress Brittany Murphy wants the investigation of his daughter’s 2009 death re-opened.

Angelo Bertolotti went on Good Morning America to say Murphy was poisonedand he has the lab reports to prove it.

According to the report, which was conducted by a lab Bertolotti paid for, heavy metals were discovered in hair samples the lab tested.

He’s been publicly suspicious of the LA Coroner’s determination that she died due to a combination of pneumonia, iron deficiency, and quote “multiple drug intoxication.”

Then just a few months after Murphy died her husband Simon Monjack also died suddenly from what the coroner said was pneumonia.

The coroner’s office has released a statement, saying quote —

“The coroner has no plans to reopen the inquiries into the deaths of Miss Murphy or Mr. Monjack. We stand by our conclusions and opinion.”

They also say they have not seen the new lab report.

Dr. Bruce Goldberger, the Director of Forensic Medicine at the University of Florida reviewed the lab report for CNN and was very critical.

He said it’s outrageous to claim poisoning based on a single hair test.

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