Contractors testing lighting on new Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Contractors are testing the lighting on the new Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge.

The current round of testing began Monday night and runs through Wednesday. Three-quarters of the fixtures are already in place.

"The aesthetic lighting will be lights shining up on the tower and on the cables, so it will look like a nice piece of artwork in the skyline," said MoDOT Project Director Randy Hitt.

Making the bridge look pretty costs a pretty penny.

Just to light the 400 foot tall towers and the cables running to them requires 180 very large fixtures.

"We are doing it in quarter sections and getting our alignment tweaked and getting ready for when we can do a full blown test on it," Hitt said.

That full blown test will involve all the lights being left on for 15 days, including the fixtures that will light the roadway, which are also being tested.

"There is a certain angle that we think would be the optimal per design, but we will take a look at it under real life circumstances to see if there is a need for tweaking to get rid of any shadows and make sure they are not somewhere where they would be blinding to a motorist as they drive through," Hitt said.

If you've tried to buy light bulbs lately, you know almost everything for sale these days are either florescent or LED. But the bulbs being used to light the 'Stan Span' are about as old school as the man for whom the bridge was named.

"We did not go with LED lights because they don`t project very well so this is just a conventional light that goes up on the towers and the cables," Hitt said. "I think people will be very pleased when they see the final product in the skyline."

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