Twin brothers celebrate 90th birthday

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(KTVI)-- Yesterday's birthday for the Elliot brothers was one of a kind.

Elbert Elliot/90 Year old Twin

"His name is Delbertand I'm Elbert," says Elbert Elliot pointing to his brother.
"Who is older?" asks Patrick Clark.
"I am," says Elbert.
"By how much?" asks Clark.
"Twenty minutes," smiles Elbert.

The twin brother turned 90 years young yesterday, and folks are still trying to tell them apart.

"I would say he's a little more laid back than I am," says Elbert Elliot.

"How would you describe your brother?" asks Clark.
"Oh I don't exactly," says Delbert Elliot of his 90 year old twin.  "I think he's more outgoing than I am, that's for sure."

Elbert and Delbert are the youngest of eight.

Five of their siblings lived to their late 90s and two well past 100. But in the early years, these two were inseparable.

"We lived the first 19 years out there in the country with no running water and no electricity," says Elbert.

The Elliot brothers grew up near Effingham, Illinois where the twin boys had twin horses, and probably never imagined celebrating double birthday's 90 years later.

"Yes, I didn't think I was going to live that long because I had cancer 22 years ago," says Elbert.

He`s been healthy ever since.

And if you want to notch another year under your belt, take a tip from these twins.

"Yeah, never did like spicy food," says Elbert.

"Ninety years old," adds Delbert.  "I never smoked a cigarette or took a drink of beer."

The two credit their life longevity to eight or nine hours of sleep a night and having a little faith.

"They should live a good Christian life and not live a wild life," says Elbert.

Not bad advice, from a couple of knowledgeable nonagenarians.