Conservation Connection: Deer hunting in Missouri

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(KPLR) - Firearms deer season in Missouri opens November 16.  That’s a week from Saturday.  Missouri is a great place to hunt deer.  The Conservation Department wants everyone to stay safe this season.  Conservation Agent Scott Corley talked with John Fuller about some tips to keep in mind to help ensure a safe hunt.

Q.  Firearms deer season has actually ready gotten off to a start.  Tell us about that.

  • Yes, the statewide early portion Youth Season was just this past weekend
  • Franklin County was the top county for deer harvest with a total of 424 deer taken
  • Harvest for the whole season was the second largest on record
  • The second portion of the Youth Season will be January 4-5


Q.  So what are some of the main tips you can offer hunters to help keep things safe

  • Wear hunter orange at all times during the hunt (mandatory)
  • Always keep firearm muzzles in a safe direction
  • Do not load until you’re in position to hunt, keep firearms unloaded at all times during transport
  • Always confirm your target—never shoot at movement or sound
  • Consider what’s beyond your target, and whether you have a safe shot or not, before firing


Q. Everyone needs to treat firearms with respect, but isn’t there something else that can also be a major cause of accidents?

  • Yes—falling from tree stands!
  • Use good tree stand safety—make sure your stand meets Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA) standards
  • If using the same stand from previous years, be sure to check the structure and hardware to make sure everything is still safe and intact
  • Use a fall-arrest system when climbing and while in a treestand
  • Employ a haul line to get all gear into the stand, including the firearm….do not climb and carry
  • Always use 3 points of contact on the ladder


Q. Anything else you’d like for hunters to think about?

  • Consider donating deer meat to the Share the Harvest Program to help feed the needy
  • Get full details in the 2013 Fall Deer and Turkey brochure available at all conservation offices and wherever hunting permits are sold