Bullying issues raised at Granite City Middle School

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI)-- A Granite City mother is calling on parents of students at Coolidge Middle School to help stop the bullying that is going on at the school.  Angie Allen posted her frustration over her daughter`s experience as the target of verbal abuse on Facebook late last month.  She says she received numerous responses and stories about other students who have been bullied.

'I just want it to stop. I want the schools to step up and stop covering it and just acknowledge that it is happening,' said Allen Wednesday.  Allen explained her thirteen year old daughter has hair loss from the disease Alopecia.  Some students have tried to pull off her wig or bandana.

Allen described the bullying as ongoing over many years.  Once she changed elementary schools for her daughter.  This fall, as she entered Coolidge as a new student, it became more troublesome.   Last month, Allen said her daughter was participating in a chat room game site called Mindcraft , when a classmate called her daughter 'a filthy, good for nothing `b` and told her several times to `go kill herself`.'

Allen tried contacting the parents of the girl but says the mother denied her daughter said such things and the father never responded.

Wednesday night Derrick Brock identifed himself as the father.  He told FOX2  'I can say these children...not just my child but  both children, her child and my child were definitely saying things that were inappropriate to each other.'  Brock indicated he had never seen the exchange on the internet.   Speaking of his 12 year old daughter, he said,  'I can`t see her saying that.'  He went on to say as soon as he found out how the girls were talking to each other he told his daughter to stop all communication with Allen`s daughter.  

But after school this week while waiting for the school bus, the two exchanged words.  Allen`s mother said her daughter was so upset she slapped the other girl.

Brock said that is not the first time Allen`s child has 'physically abused' my daughter.

Allen`s daughter was suspended for five days.  She says her child told school officials earlier in the day she was being bullied, but no one did anything.  "She finally stood up to the bully," Allen added.

Brock went on to complain that the situation has gone too farand adults are joining in on Facebook.  'These are things being quoted online that are very vulgar and inappropriate especially when you are talking about a child.'

Granite City School District Superintendent Jim Greenwald said he first learned of the matter Wednesday morning adding 'I`ve asked the Director of Secondary Education to investigate the allegations.'

The Coolidge Middle School handbook defines and prohibits bullying and harassment. It says it is up to the school principal to set guidelines for investigating such matters and to establish the punishment.

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