The fight to save a dog named Phineas went too far

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - I've met Phineas the dog.  I was able to see the dog during the long court battle over its future. Phineas supporters say justice prevailed.  A Dent county judge determined the city of Salem could not put Phineas down.

A family was without their dog for more than a year while the legal fight dragged out. A dog bite expert testified about a photo of the injury left by the dog bite.  He testified the photo was not from a dog bite.  That doesn't seem fair.

I know there are other cities working on ways to round up dogs deemed vicious. This case shows how those efforts can go too far. Even though Phineas' family won, they never should have been forced to go through this fight in the first place.

I'm JB and that's the way it oughta be.


  • Tara

    Agree with what? The headline and the two paragraphs seem to have different topics. I can’t tell if he thinks the family was wrong for fighting for their dog or if the city of Salem was wrong.

  • Cecilia Carnley

    That’s right and that’s the way it oughta be!! That small town made a mockery of themselves. How much money did they spend on this just because the city officials are friends with the family that accused Phineas of biting. Corruption much?

  • Deb Tyson

    No family, nor dog who is family, should have to endure what this family and dog did. The elected officials in this town need to be replaced. When a person cannot see the difference between a dog bite and human , something is seriously wrong. Justice was served , but only after it was forced.. and that is also wrong, but what I find even more horrific is that this family feels danger and are forced to move, to ensure there safety, and their pets safety. If anything, the family that started this nightmare should be made to pay expenses, and loss. God bless Phineas and his family. May there happiness be long together.

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