Rookie manager cost the Cards a World Series title

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The only thing that qualifies me to talk about baseball is my having watched the sport for half-a-century. My experience playing was as an infielder in little league. A fat kid playing shortstop? You do the math. I was terrible. But, I still love the game. So with that out of the way, I'd like to pose a few well-meant questions about how the Cardinals lost the World Series. You'll notice I didn't say, how the Red Sox won. The Cardinals should have beaten this American League version of themselves.

Look, the Cards fielding was often terrible. Witness the debacle of Game One. And the team's 220 batting average in the series was anemic. But, a few things still need explaining. Number One: Why was Boston's David Ortiz even pitched to? Big Papi had a 688 World Series batting average and a 760 on-base percentage. Cards pitchers shouldn't have thrown anything to him closer than 15 feet. But manager Mike Matheny insisted they pitch to Ortiz. Why?

Number Two: Where was Shelby Miller? The kid had 15 wins in the season. He didn't pitch at all. Is there a reasonable explanation for this? Number three: When Lance Lynn was pitching the game of his life, which means not bad, Matheny pulled him for relief pitcher Seth Maness. Slam, bam, thank you Maness. The Red Sox score three runs and win the game. The thinking behind pulling Lynn was what?

Again, the Cardinals fielding was shoddy. They barely hit their weight. Which left only their pitching and that alone could only get them two wins. We understand all that. But, some of the decisions made by rookie manager Matheny were puzzling. Which is a polite way of saying they helped cost the team the title.

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  • Angie

    This “rookie” manager was IN THE WORLD SERIES (and almost last year too). Let’s talk about our offense….where was it??? You can’t win the game if you don’t hit the ball! How many guys did we leave on base? Jaco makes no sense.:4

  • Shelly

    Um, Matheny is NOT a rookie manager. I’m sure you could have done SO much better with all the adversity the Cards faced this year.

  • Carolyn

    It’s a team effort to win and a team effort to lose. Matheny is a great coach for a great team. This time the other team played better – that’s all.

  • Samantha

    What do you mean why did he put in Maness and take Lynn out?? Maness is usually a ground ball making MACHINE. It’s not his fault Maness didn’t perform. Lynn has blown all his major games. I would have kept him from pitching altogether.

    Miller is probably going to be used as a trading token for a much better shortstop and we couldn’t afford an injury = reasonable explanation.

    Last, Matheny said in an interview he DID want to walk Ortiz but that’s not always the best idea when there’s people on base. Sometimes you need to take the risk because that’s what most of the game of baseball is.

  • J Schulz

    Charles jaco I can not believe you said this about our Coach. I think very little of you and every less. He got us to the WS. I know will not watch 11 because of you. I hope you move out of St Louis because we do not need you here and you are not a fan.

  • Toby

    The Red Sox players wanted it more than the Cardinals. Did Matheny make mistakes? Yes, but when it comes down to it, the players lost the series. He is a good manager and I believe he will be a great manager one day.

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