Angry mis-tweets directed to wrong Chris Hayes

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- There's another Chris Hayes ruffling feathers on TV and it's causing confusion on Twitter.  I've been hit with Tweets from across the country, but many of them were meant for MSNBC's Chris Hayes.

The other Hayes hosts a show called "All In with Chris Hayes" and starting a couple weeks ago, I could tell that he was striking some nerves with his attention on the government shutdown.  My phone began lighting up every night with tweets like "Thanks for exposing the lies" or "Hey dummy I heard your rant."

What made it more confusing is that here at FOX 2, we're used to stirring up this kind of passion.

We've met almost every type of hostility: from the puppy breeder who hit our camera with his car to the former Treasurer's Office employee who flipped me off.

Earlier this month, I began seeing a surge in people mis-Tweeting their passions.  My twitter account is @chrishayestvand MSNBC`s Chris Hayes is @chrislhayes.  The other Chris Hayes caught on to itand I`m thankful he chose me to lead his nightly segment called Click 3.

MSNBC's Hayes said, "First I want to show you the 3 awesomest things on the internet today.  We begin in Missouri, where we say thank you to a man with a familiar name."

MSNBC's Hayes brought up the now infamous sign which remains on a store raided by the DEA.  It says 'no media or reporters, especially Chris Hayes.'  That sign is based on our synthetic drug reports, but some people on Twitter wondered if it was meant for MSNBC`s Chris Hayes.

Even my colleagues joined in the fun.  They typed up their own sign and placed it at the news desk.  It says 'Only MSNBC`s Chris Hayes allowed on the KTVI assignment desk.'

Here`s what MSNBC's Hayes said about the mis-Tweets: "And the thing is he couldn`t be nicer to them, tweeting responses like 'very nice compliment, but it should be directed to @chrislhayes' - even the mean ones like people saying 'You're an idiot.' Hess exceptionally patient, saying 'Thank you, but you're looking for @chrislhayes. It`s a common mistake.' And when people offer an apology he`s still a gentleman saying 'No apology necessary. I certainly got the better Twitter handle.'  Right you are TV`s Chris Hayes. Right you are."

Thank you Chris Hayes of MSNBC.  Patience does pay off.

After last night`s segment on 'Up with Chris Hayes,' people in St. Louis started Tweeting me 'thank you.'  One person Tweeted, 'Thank you for showing how awesome we are in Da Lou.'

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