A Texas HS football game leads to a bullying complaint

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FORT WORTH, TX. (CNN) - A high school football team in Fort Worth, Texas is still feeling the sting from a crushing loss to a rival last week.

But as JD Miles explains it's not just losing the game that's causing tension, there's also been an accusation of bullying.

It appeared to be a normal day on the practice field for the Western Hills high school football team.

But friends of some of the players say they are still feeling the sting of losing 91-to-nothing against Aledo last Friday.

Amanda Armstrong, Western Hills Graduate: "They just said that they're bummed about itand they've struggled a lot this year."

Aledo school officials released a complaint filed by a western hills parent accusing Aledo coaches of bullying.

Kenia Galaviv, Student: "It is not a pretty sight" said the parent about the game.

"I did not know what to say on the ride home to explain the behavior of Aledo coaches for not easing up when the game was in hand."

The parent who wrote the complaint has remained anonymous.

But several students we spoke with disagreed with the idea that bullying was behind the blowout.

Tamyra Sikes, Student: "I think it's dumb to consider it bullying."

"There's other football teams that can beat other people but nobody ever beat Aledo so it doesn't matter."

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