Jennifer Garner goes through stages of grief defending Imo’s Pizza

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – FOX 2’s Kevin Steincross was in Los Angeles to interview Jennifer Garner for her new movie, “Dallas Buyers Club.” Steincross let Garner know that Jimmy Kimmel slammed Imo’s Pizza on his late night talk show. That is when the interview got intense.

The interview happened on ‘Kevin’s Reel World’ on FOX 2


Kevin started the interview by asking her if she knew of Imo’s Pizza. Garner said she liked the cheese. Then Steincross explained that Kimmel ripped on the ‘Square beyond compare’ on national TV.


First there was shock! Garner can’t believe her friend would do that.


Then denial. She simply says, “Jimmy?”

jimmyThen acceptance. “How could he have a problem with Imo’s. That is so weird.”


Why is Jennifer Garner so familiar with Imo’s Pizza? A caller to the TV station explained that her first husband was from St. Louis.


See the full video of the interview here, “Reel World: Jennifer Garner defends Imo’s Pizza”