Hot dog vendor returns to work after being beaten with hammer

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)-- A hot dog vendor who was beaten with a hammer for a cell phone has returned to work.

Edward Newa was working at a hot dog stand inside a Ferguson Home Depot when he says someone stole his smart phone.

Newa chased the suspect. That is when he says three more men started beating him.

One of them had a hammer.

"I had multiple skull fractures," Newa Said.

Police have arrested all four of the suspects.

Twenty-five year-old Charles Thomas is the only one who has been charged at this point.

He is facing a theft charge. Police are not sure which suspect hit Newa with the hammer.

"I am just glad they are separated from society," Newa said. "It is also great to be back at work, so I can make a living."

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Hot dog vendor beaten with hammer for cell phone