Seat belt saves woman’s life, but leaves her with injuries

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(KPLR) - Monday, "Afternoons on 11" shines the spotlight on a woman who overcame overwhelming odds! Sixteen years ago Ali Frede Rankey was involved in a car accident that nearly claimed her life, partly due to the seatbelt she was wearing.

Ali's brother was driving the SUV they were in, when it crashed.  The seatbelt saved her life, but ripped her abdominal wall, punctured three holes in her small intestine and left a softball sized hole in her side. She couldn’t eat solid food for months, and her brother was left paralyzed.  

After more than 40 surgeries Ali is happy, healthy and wants everyone to know the proper way to buckle up.

Ali’s nurse talks about Ali’s care and determination

Proper way to wear a seat belt and viewer questions

Ali’s final thoughts on her experience and book she’s writing

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  • fs

    The seat belt didn’t cause those injuries. The crash caused them. The seat belt just kept them from being worse.

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