Soulard Oktoberfest to show Cardinals games

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - For Cardinals fans, October means it’s time for the MLB playoffs. But around the world and in St. Louis, it’s also Oktoberfest.

Instead of being at odds, this weekend’s Soulard Oktoberfest is finding a way to cater to fans of both beer and baseball.

The 10th annual Soulard Oktoberfest starts at 6 Friday night, and for three days, will be filled with German beer, German food and German music. But this year, Oktoberfest is turning a brighter shade of red.

For the first time, this weekend’s NLCS games will be shown on three big inflatable screens inside the tents.

That will give beer and baseball fans the chance to enjoy both.  Chris English says, “If we don’t get tickets, it’s still going to be awesome down here because everyone’s going to be down here after and before the game.”

Organizers of the fall festival say there’s a new plan in place for Cardinals fans like these, wanting to experience both weekend events.

Soulard Oktoberfest Manager Al Debolin says, “We’ve got some special Cardinal packages for parking, if you want to go to the game, park here, convenient, we can bus you down, bring you back, and celebrate Oktoberfest after the victory.”

Last year’s Oktoberfest featured the postseason games on just one screen, but it was so popular that this year, organizers decided to up the ante.

Proceeds from Oktoberfest will go toward neighborhood improvements in Soulard.