Dramatic weight loss: Teens go from borderline diabetic to fit and trim

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(KPLR) - Weight loss coach Charles D'Angelo and Edgar Hernandez who overcame obesity, are on Monday's show of "Afternoons on 11."

D'Angelo once weighed 360 pounds at age 17 and almost lost his eyesight from being borderline diabetic. Today he is a weight loss coach and his clients have lost 15,000 pounds altogether in the past year.

Hernandez was bullied all throughout his school years for being overweight. He had symptoms of high blood pressure and diabetes, but began eating healthy and exercising which kept him from becoming diabetic. Hernandez went from 345 pounds down to 180 pounds.

Tune in Monday on KPLR11 at 4:30 p.m. to hear the stories of how these two men beat the odds of serious health issues and how they didn't give up on their weight loss journey.

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