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Big day for St. Louis sports fans

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - With music blaring in parking lots surrounding the Edward Jones Dome there was an optimistic tune to the whole day.

“Here we go Rams!” was the shout from car after car.

But while fans were pouring into Downtown, they were gearing up both for a football Sunday and a logistical challenge.  It’s the kind of challenge that comes when you have loyalty to two flags.

“Got my Cardinal gear in there,” Rams fan Sharon Korte said, pointing to her SUV.

Fans were faced with a dilemma.  A Cardinal playoff game scheduled to start roughly half an hour after the end of a Rams home game.  Unless you're one of the lucky few with a satellite dish hooked to your car, this presented a logistical nightmare.  What’s a fan to do?

“Rush home,” one loyalist told us. “I mean drive as fast as you can to get home so you can watch the Cardinal game. “

And to think some left their parking lot cable TV options at home.

“We actually have a satellite dish for this thing,” Mikey Kendrick said, pointing to his blue and gold painted school bus.  “It actually hooks right on the back. We just don’t have it here today because morning games are a little more difficult.”

Some intended to listen on the radio.  Others would head for the Washington Avenue bars.  All were in agreement, though.  This, for a sports fan, was a good problem to have.

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