Cardinals playoff gear flying off store shelves

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - It`s the third year in a row the Cardinals are playing baseball in October. Fans don`t seem to be taking it for granted. Souvenir sales at the team store are hot, if a player on the field is wearing it, the fans in the stands want to make it part of their wardrobe too

Cardinals fans rushed to by a t-shirts that`s logo said, 'We Own The Central.' Ron Watermon is a spokesman for the St. Louis Cardinals. He said, "We sold 500 of these things on Friday night. This is the shirt the players wore right after they clinched the division on Friday night got a fresh shipment in and sold all of them yesterday."

That was another 1,000 of the "We Own The Central" t-shirts at $25 each, apparently worthwhile if you`re a true fan.

Jim Peters is a Cardinal fan, "It`s exciting. It`s sports, sports is a big thing of life nowadays."

The field at Busch will be painted with playoff logos later this week, in the meantime crews are shining up the stadium including the video message boards. Sportservice has plans to upgrade menu items at some locations during the playoffs. At the ticket office there were some standing room only tickets still available for Thursday.

The excitement is building, and because of it the team store plans to open three hours early tomorrow. Another post-season souvenir shipment is set to arrive. But a different t-shirt may become the next hottest souvenir, the one the players wear during warm up at Thursday`s game.
Superstar athletes are super at promoting and selling stuff.

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