Man talks about being injected with HIV by his father

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(KPLR) - Tuesday on “Afternoon on 11”, April Simpson’s guest was Brryan Jackson.  Brryaan is the son of Brian Stewart, who on February 6, 1992 injected his 11 month old son with the HIV virus.  Stewart at the time was employed as a phlebotomist at St. Joseph’s Hospital West in Lake St. Louis.

The reason Stewart injected his son with the HIV virus was, he didn’t want to pay child support to his former wife.

Stewart was convicted of first degree assault upon Brryan on December 6, 1998 and was sentenced to life in prison in January of 1999.  He is eligible for parole, but to date has not been granted parole.

In 1996, Brryan developed full blown AIDS.

In the time since developing AIDS, Brryan has lost some of his hearing due to the medical treatment he was undergoing; along with the stigma of HIV/AIDS in the early years of the epidemic, when the public knew very little about the disease.

Now with more public education about HIV/AIDS, Brryan’s is better, but still faces challenges in living a normal life.

 To aid those with HIV/AIDS, Brryan has started a foundation, called “Hope Is Vital”.

Brryan And His Mother Talk About Living With HIV/AIDS

Brryan's Final Thoughts On Living His Life

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