5,000 workers to go without pay at Scott AFB if govt. shuts down

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SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, IL (KTVI) - A government shutdown would hit one of the metro area`s biggest employers hard, with ripple effects through the region. 5,000 civilian workers at the base will lose their paychecks. That`s the equivalent of a major corporation going out of business in the area.

Johnny Padilla has run a conveinance store by Scott Air Force Base`S main gate for eight years. Don`t get him started about the shutdown and congress.

"What they need to do is take a pay cut themselves and leave us alone because we`re the ones running this country. Obviously they`re not doing it. You got grown men sitting up at the white house who can`t talk to each other, which is (bleeping) kind of silly excuse my French." said Businessman Johnny Padilla.

A shutdown will cut his business by 20 percent or more. But, that`s just the start. None of the 5,000 civilians on the base will be paid, even though some will still be working.

"None of them will be paid at this time, those that do work would be paid through congress retroactively afterwards, but they would come to work and not be paid in the interim." asid Col. Kyle Kremer Cmdr. 375th Air Mobility Wing.

"Losing all those employees for a significant amount of time will put a significant dent in the economy, in fact there won`t be any growth, there`ll be negative growth." said St. Louis University Professor Robert Cropf.

The military workers on the base have been paid already this month. But, after October, 15th, the 5,000 service members on base won`t be paid, either.

Essential flight operations and military functions will continue.

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