Weather concerns change Cardinals game time and downtown events

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Thousands filled downtown St. Louis on Saturday for a host of fun, fall events, but the threat of rain was felt by many.

Before the Samples took to the stage at Taste of St. Louis, a festival organizer told the crowd, “We’re glad that a few of you did get word that we did need to move things up just a wee bit withweather that may be encroaching, so we thank you for adjusting and being here.  So just pretend it’s like your own private party here for Taste of St. Louis 2013 Day 2!”

The Samples played at 6:30, instead of 9:30, a pleasant surprise for Kyle Hancock and his friends, who didn’t know they’d get music, in addition to all that food.  He says, “We brought some blankets we’re going to lay down, and really just enjoy ourselves.”

Meanwhile, the Cardinals versus Cubs game also started three hours early incase of rain.

The stadium was packed with 42,520 fans, and the no-show rate was even lower than average. Friday night’s clinch and the Cubs rivalry kept spirits high.  It also helps that most ticketholders were clearly notified of the change.   Jason Brown Lee says, “I was planning on going anyway, but I didn’t know it was earlier until I got the email.”

For this fan, the earlier start even brought a bonus: “It actually wasn’t an inconvenience.

I planned on going anyway, and I wanted to see the Taste of St. Louis, so it worked out fine, I get to stay there later,” explains Lee.

Even though the game was well-attended, a complimentary ticket to a 2014 regular season game will be mailed to each ticketholder.

As for Taste of St. Louis, the festival has never been rained out, and organizers and festival goers hope it stays that way.

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