Texas Gov. Perry at Taste of St. Louis before C-PAC

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -  The Governor of Texas is back in St. Louis just a month after he was here urging Missouri businesses to move to his state. This time he has a broader message and goal. But he has not stepped back from his efforts to lure tourists and residents from the Show Me State to the Lone Star State..

Walk into the Taste of St. Louis at Market and Tucker and you can`t miss this exhibit: Texas ON Tour.  The booth is sponsored by Governor Rick Perry`s Office of Economic Development and Tourism.

The pitch here at the food festival is to attract visitors to Texas where they will spend their tourism dollars. It may be a co-incidence that Governor Perry is here at the same time to speak at this weekend`s American Conservative Union  C-PAC regional conference in St. Charles.

But, Perry is announcing his support for a new issue oriented group, Americans for Economic Freedom. The goal is to launch a new discussion about how best to govern and to restore economic health in all fifty states.

"This is an issue advocacy group,  this is not about Texas per say, this is clearly a set of policies that are national in their scope." said Texas Governor Rick Perry. "We sit down and fix things in our state.  It's the reason I suggest the answers to the problems that plague this country are gonna come from the capitols in the states not from Washington D.C."

Governor Perry, who ran for president in 2012, won`t say if he is planning another campaign for the White House.

But, this new organization gives him a perfect platform where he can travel the nation promoting low taxation and limited regulation policies as the answer to budget deficits and job shortages.

He'll begin with a speech on Saturday in St. Charles.