Local girl’s dream of modeling comes true

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- You first met Karrie Brown when she was a contestant in the Illinois Miss Amazing Pageant.

The pageant gives girls and young women with disabilities the opportunity to build self-confidence.   And, it works! At least for Karrie.

After the pageant, Karrie decided she wanted to be a model.

Her mother, Sue, started a Facebook page with Karrie modeling some of her favorite fashions from Wet Seal, a junior clothing company.  Wet Seal noticed and told Karrie they would give her a "special" surprise if she got 10,000 "likes".

FOX 2 viewers helped Karrie get well over 10,000and Wet Seal kept their promise and Karrie's dream becamereality!   

We were in California for a photo shoot set up by the company and talked to Wet Seal's CEO John Goodman.  He said, "For us to be able to do this, to bring her out here to participate in the shoot, the plus size VIP launch and more importantly she gets to go to Disneyland tomorrow. It's just the right thing to do."

Her mom says this whole experience has been a dream come true for the entire family. "I never, ever, ever dreamed anything like this could happen.  It's just been phenomenal.  And, to see my daughter blossom like this has just been wonderful."

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