Stun-Cuffs now shocking inmates at one Missouri jail

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ST. JOSEPH, MO (KTVI) - Sheriff's in Buchanan County, Missouri have a new tool to help keep inmates in line, it's a shocker. Most inmates are familiar with handcuffs. But, Captain Jody Hovey has a new tool, stun cuffs.

Stun cuffs are strapped to the ankle or the wrist, and then hidden under clothes.
Deputies can now use a remote control to send a shock straight into an offender's extremities.

"It's a very effective tool. It affects the muscles of the bodyand it doesn't really affect anything else.  Everybody thinks it affects your heart and all this. It doesn't. What it does really it just sends a charge through the body that locks up your muscles." said Captain Jody Hovey.

Officials say there are still a few kinks to work out before the technology can be fully implemented.

Right now, Buchanan County has only two of the cuffs, which cost $2,200.