Riverview Gardens, Normandy School Districts going bankrupt

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- Deep divisions are surfacing this evening, over whether to let the Normandy and Riverview Gardens School Districts go bankrupt and be absorbed by neighboring school districts.

The Normandy district runs out of money next March. Riverview Gardens could be broke by next September. Both are unaccredited. Both have to pay the tuition and transportation costs for thousands of students who've transferred out of the districts. To have enough money to pay their bills, both districts will need money from the state. But the Missouri legislature might let both go out of business rather than appropriate more money:

The Missouri House Interim Education Committee was in St. Charles Monday afternoon and St. Louis County Monday night.

The state board of education says it can funnel money to Normandy to keep them running through the end of the school year, if the legislature approves.  But with paying for transfer students eating up 20 percent of their budgets, both Normandy and Riverview Gardens will need millions more in state aid to stay open next year.

But if the legislature does refuse to give any more money to Normandy or Riverview Gardens, the question has to be asked is that really the best thing for the kids in those districts?

Bankruptcy would lead to both districts being absorbed by some neighboring school districts. But first, there's the matter of keeping Normandy operating this year, with the futures of thousands of kids riding on the answer.