Republicans and Obamacare funding

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NEW YORK (KPLR) – So Larry Mendte asks why the republicans are putting up the fight.


Polls show that most Americans don`t like it.

Polls also show that most Americans don`t know what it does.

It is quite literally the fear of the unknown.

And that`s why republicans in the house of representatives have voted to defund Obamacare again.  This will be the 29th time.

But this time they have tied the defunding to the debt ceiling.

In other words if you want to pay America’s bills, you need to agree to not pay for Obamacare.

They are threatening to shut down the government, again.

Now a reality check.

There is absolutely no chance that Obamacare will be defunded and the republicans know that.

Even if all the republicans in the senate agreed, which they don`t, the bill still wouldn`t pass the senate.

And if it did,  it would be vetoed as soon as it hit the president`s desk.

So if this is a waste of time and energy, why are house republicans doing this?

Because the mid-term elections are next year when voter turnout is low and when the most passionate, and rabid party loyalists can control the elections.

On the republican side that`s the tea party and if you want their support, you need to threaten to shut down the government to get rid of Obamacare.

Even though it won`t happen, even though shutting down the government could hurt the country and cripple the economic recovery, even though in the long run it could hurt the republican party, the house republicans are ready to threaten that for themselves.

Because it will help them raise money and it will get them re-elected.

That`s the way things work in Washington these days, self interest rules over common sense.

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